Thursday, 26 July, 2007

Release of LX installer for Debian GNU/Hurd

A student team in MES Engineering College Kuttippuram, Kerala Successfully
finished the New Installer for Debian GNU/Hurd, The complete GNU
Operating System. This Installer is named as LX since it is a sucesser
of Debian Hurd K series installer & it directly boot into X.

The Team members of the Installer Project are available at

About Debian GNU/Hurd: The Hurd is a set of servers running on top of
the GNU Mach microkernel to implement file systems, network protocols,
file access control, and other features that are implemented by the Unix
kernel or similar kernels (such as Linux). Together they build the base
for the GNU operating system.Debian GNU/Hurd is a distribution of GNU
Operating system Under Development for developer, server and desktop

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