Thursday, 26 July, 2007

5 Most Useful Plugins For Skype!

1. Skype which is one of the most fantastic internet applications ever built. The beauty of this program enhances, because it lets third party developers to integrate more functionalities to it. Now, We’ll look at the 5 most useful plugins for skype, those plugins which will certainly help you in various situations. The list was long and most of the plugins were really good and it was difficult to choose the best of the lot, but still here is the list and I’m sure that you’ll find these plugins extremely helpful.1. WhiteBoard Meeting : WhiteBoard Meeting is a plugin which allows you to draw vector graphics, it allows you to insert text and images and various other things. It acts as a white board and the person sitting on the other side, gets the real time updates and thus it comes real handy, when you want to point out something on a picture or draw something.

2. Skype Muter : Skype Muter plugin is helpful for people like me, who love to hear music while they are working and this plugin comes in real handy, when you get an incoming call and it lets you lower down the music or lets you pause it and whenever the call ends, the music starts from where it was stopped. It supports Winamp, Windows Media player, Itunes and others.

3. Fring - Mobile VoIP : Although, Fring is not a plugin of Skype, but it is one of the coolest mobile application built for Skype. It is a software which can be installed in supported mobile phones and using this application, you can use your skypeOUT as well. So, it lets you save money even when you are not at your computer.

4. Remote Call : Remote Call lets you share the desktop and lets the other users take control over the desktop and that way, you can get help from a person, who know a bit more about computers. I don’t see any other benefit of Remote desktop sharing but if you can make use of this service in any other way, then the only thing I’ll say, Good for you

5. SAM - Answering Machine : SAM - Answering Machine, is a great plugin which as its name suggests, acts as an answering machine and when you are away or when you are busy on another call, then it records the message for you. You can save the message in MP3 or WAV formats and add personalized messages.
I’m sure that there will be various other plugins which will be of great use. But, these are the ones, which I can’t live without. They offer great functionality and thus these are the must haves for skype. Feel free to tell others about your favorite plugins and the plugins which you think others should be aware of.


ckp said...

Actually i was thinking of the application even yesterday. which i see there in ur blog today as Fring. Thanks for the info.

Is this application a threat to the service providers for calls(from local to international)?

Siva Subramaniam said...

No, we can able to call only the online skype users, If we want to call the ordinary phones or mobile no, we have to buy the credit from skype.