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Innovative teaching methodology

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Skype Found Guilty of GPL Violations

Skype has been found guilty of violating the GNU General Public
License (GPL) by a Munich, Germany regional court, a decision likely
to influence the way companies approach GPL compliance in the future.

The decision found that Skype had violated the GPL by the way it
distributed a voice over IP (VoIP) handset, the SMCWSKP100, which
incorporates the GPL-covered Linux kernel in its firmware.

The phone is manufactured by SMC, the target of a separate case that
hasn't yet been decided, but the court noted that Skype was liable to
fulfill the conditions of the GPL because it sold the phone on its

Skype violated the licence by its failure to supply a copy of the
source code to users along with the phone, and by failing to provide a
copy of the GPL itself with the phone, the court said.

Skype had responded to the charges by including with the phones a URL
where buyers could access the GPL and the source code involved, but
the court found this wasn't sufficient.

The GPL allows companies to distribute source code over the internet
separately from shipped products, but only under certain conditions,
and the court ruled that these hadn't been met. The GPL also
stipulates that buyers must receive the text of the licence along with
the product.

The decision reinforces that companies must adhere to the conditions
of the GPL just as with any other contract, and that "inaccuracies"
aren't to be allowed, according to the court.

It also emphasizes that organizations can be held liable for GPL
violations even if they are simply distributing a product and don't
themselves manufacture it.

Another implication is in the fact that neither of the two companies
involved is German-- Skype being based in Luxembourg and SMC in Spain.
The decision shows that companies may be held liable for GPL
violations in any country, even if the GPL isn't upheld in their home

The case was brought by, a German organization run
by open source software developer Harald Welte, which aims to force
companies to take the GPL seriously. Welte has said he aims to settle
most cases out of court, taking companies to court only if discussions
fail to make them abide by the conditions of the licence.

In 2005, for instance, Welte obtained a court injunction against
security software maker Fortinet, banning the company from
distributing its products until it complied with GPL provisions. As a
result, the company agreed to make some of its source code available.

This week's decision is likely to mean a fine against Skype and will
force the company to adhere to the licence and source code
distribution requirements of the licence.

Original Article @,135120-c,webtelephonyconferencing/article.html

Using GPRS in Ubuntu with Airtel Mobile Phone

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TechPakoda - News by Indian Techies

is all about technology news powered and ranked by Indian techie. So you can find technology news which matters for Indian techie. In short this is technology news community owned and operated by indian techie.

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i recently visited this blog and found that it was really helpful for the students who are all set for flying to US.It contains stuffs like how to prepare for GRE, TOEFL, short listing university, selecting specialization and last minute things tat needs notice.It guides the students right from taking the necessary docs and ends up till packing their baggage and many other useful information.

Release of LX installer for Debian GNU/Hurd

A student team in MES Engineering College Kuttippuram, Kerala Successfully
finished the New Installer for Debian GNU/Hurd, The complete GNU
Operating System. This Installer is named as LX since it is a sucesser
of Debian Hurd K series installer & it directly boot into X.

The Team members of the Installer Project are available at

About Debian GNU/Hurd: The Hurd is a set of servers running on top of
the GNU Mach microkernel to implement file systems, network protocols,
file access control, and other features that are implemented by the Unix
kernel or similar kernels (such as Linux). Together they build the base
for the GNU operating system.Debian GNU/Hurd is a distribution of GNU
Operating system Under Development for developer, server and desktop

Clean a Mouse with White Paper for Smooth Cursor Movements

clean a laser mouse

An illustrated guide about cleaning a slow and sluggish mouse in 2 seconds with just a piece of white paper.

If you are using an external laser or optical mouse with your laptop or desktop computer, you probably know the problems that surface after using the mouse for couple of weeks - the mouse feels sticky or is hard to move especially when you are using it without the mouse pad, the pointer on the screen may not move smoothly with the mouse or jump.

Most of these mouse problem are because of the dust that sticks to the bottom of the mouse surface at points that are in constant touch with the table or the mouse pad - see the red arrows in the above picture - the white circles are actually made from accumulated dust that is disrupting the smooth movements of the mouse.

To solve this problem, hold the mouse over a piece of white paper and gently (but firmly) drag the mouse from the top edge of the paper to the bottom as shown in the picture below.

IMG_3260 IMG_3271

You will see a trail of grease like substance on the paper - you can also repeat the process sideways - just move the mouse on paper from left to right. You will enjoy using mouse once again as all the wax is transferred from the bottom of the mouse to the paper.

It is advisable that you also clean the grease or wax sticking to your mouse pad or table surface (when not using a pad) atlease once a week. Dip a piece of cloth in mild soap water solution and gently rub - wipe with a clean dry cloth or tissue paper.

The trick is illustrated using Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 with Intellipoint software but should work just perfect with any mouse including those for the Mac.

The World's Biggest Music Database

MusicBrainz is a Google sponsored music metadatabase community that attempts to create a comprehensive music information site. You can use the MusicBrainz data either by browsing this web site, or you can access the data from a client program

5 Most Useful Plugins For Skype!

1. Skype which is one of the most fantastic internet applications ever built. The beauty of this program enhances, because it lets third party developers to integrate more functionalities to it. Now, We’ll look at the 5 most useful plugins for skype, those plugins which will certainly help you in various situations. The list was long and most of the plugins were really good and it was difficult to choose the best of the lot, but still here is the list and I’m sure that you’ll find these plugins extremely helpful.1. WhiteBoard Meeting : WhiteBoard Meeting is a plugin which allows you to draw vector graphics, it allows you to insert text and images and various other things. It acts as a white board and the person sitting on the other side, gets the real time updates and thus it comes real handy, when you want to point out something on a picture or draw something.

2. Skype Muter : Skype Muter plugin is helpful for people like me, who love to hear music while they are working and this plugin comes in real handy, when you get an incoming call and it lets you lower down the music or lets you pause it and whenever the call ends, the music starts from where it was stopped. It supports Winamp, Windows Media player, Itunes and others.

3. Fring - Mobile VoIP : Although, Fring is not a plugin of Skype, but it is one of the coolest mobile application built for Skype. It is a software which can be installed in supported mobile phones and using this application, you can use your skypeOUT as well. So, it lets you save money even when you are not at your computer.

4. Remote Call : Remote Call lets you share the desktop and lets the other users take control over the desktop and that way, you can get help from a person, who know a bit more about computers. I don’t see any other benefit of Remote desktop sharing but if you can make use of this service in any other way, then the only thing I’ll say, Good for you

5. SAM - Answering Machine : SAM - Answering Machine, is a great plugin which as its name suggests, acts as an answering machine and when you are away or when you are busy on another call, then it records the message for you. You can save the message in MP3 or WAV formats and add personalized messages.
I’m sure that there will be various other plugins which will be of great use. But, these are the ones, which I can’t live without. They offer great functionality and thus these are the must haves for skype. Feel free to tell others about your favorite plugins and the plugins which you think others should be aware of.

Top 10 Highest Paying Certifications in the Technology Industry

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Create Your Resume in Minutes

Creating a quality resume is a difficult task. Keeping track of your various versions is a hassle. Once you have it all figured out, there's the worry of formats, hard drive failure and viruses.

Emurse allows you to focus on what's most important — writing quality content and selling yourself.

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Music Portal From Airtel

Airtel has launched a music portal allowing subscribers to access a database of 10,000 songs in 17 regional languages. Simply call the toll-free line 57777 and follow the IVR directions.

The service can be accessed even through a basic mobile phone & can be heard without downloads.

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Running UNIX Commands from C

Please have a look at the following URL..

itoa in gcc

It is difficult to find the "itoa" and its alias functions in gcc. Alternatively, we can use sprint() function.

int sprintf( char *buffer, const char *format, ... );
 char result[100];
int num = 24;
sprintf( result, "%d", num );

*** stack smashing detected ***

If your character array overflows, you will get this error, especially, while using sprintf functions. To avoid this error, increase the array size or check the length of the input string before using this function.

Wednesday, 11 July, 2007

Some Commands more than HEAD and TAIL

If you want to print a file from 'N'th line to EOF means the commands "head" and "tail" alone will not help. Some possible solutions

Here i take N=25

1)Simple method

$ cat filename.txt | tail -$(echo $((`cat filename.txt| wc -l`-25)))

2)Without Cat

$ FILE=filename.txt
$ tail -n $(($(wc -l <$FILE)-24)) $FILE

3)Using awk

$ awk 'NR>24'

you can try 'sed' also

Monday, 9 July, 2007

India FRESHERS - IT/Software Salary Survey


Salary in Indian Rupees


2.1 Lacs Per Annum


5.7 Lacs Per Annum


7.5 Lacs Per Annum


4.8 Lacs Per Annum


2.0 Lacs Per Annum


4.0 Lacs Per Annum

Computer Associates

4.5 Lacs Per Annum


2.7 Lacs Per Annum

DE Shaw

6.0 Lacs Per Annum


7.0 Lacs Per Annum


5.0 Lacs Per Annum

Flextronics (HSS)

3.0 Lacs Per Annum


12.0 Lacs Per Annum


3.0 Lacs Per Annum


1.7 Lacs Per Annum


2.1 Lacs Per Annum


2.5 Lacs Per Annum


4.5 Lacs Per Annum

Interra Systems

4.6 Lacs Per Annum


4.2 Lacs Per Annum


1.8 Lacs Per Annum


2.25 Lacs Per Annum


5.6 Lacs Per Annum


2.5 Lacs Per Annum


7.8 Lacs Per Annum


3.0 Lacs Per Annum


3.6 Lacs Per Annum


4.2 Lacs Per Annum


1.7 Lacs Per Annum

Perot Systems

2.5 Lacs Per Annum


2.0 Lacs Per Annum

SAP Labs

4.0 Lacs Per Annum


4.6 Lacs Per Annum


2.5 Lacs Per Annum


4.5 Lacs Per Annum

Sun Microsystems

5.0 Lacs Per Annum


2.05 Lacs Per Annum

Tata Elxsi

1.9 Lacs Per Annum


3.6 Lacs Per Annum


2.5 Lacs Per Annum


8.0 Lacs Per Annum


7.5 Lacs Per Annum


3.0 Lacs Per Annum


2.4 Lacs Per Annum


2.7 Lacs Per Annum

DSL - Some Useful Links (To MR),,sid9_gci214198,00.html

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Google and Linux Join Forces for Google OS

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The "Hello World" Collection

"Hello World" is the first program one usually writes when learning a new programming language. The first Hello World program appeared in chapter 1.1 of the first edition of Kernighan & Ritchie's original book about C, "The C Programming Language", in 1978 and read like this:

printf("hello, world\n");
Since then, Hello World has been implemented in just about every programming language on the planet. This collection includes 330 Hello World programs in many more-or-less well known programming languages, plus 57 human languages.

Read @

PDF converter commands in GNU/Linux


Why Linux is better?

I guess people won't switch to Linux because it's free (as in free speech, they probably don't care) or because it's free (as in free beer, they probably think they didn't pay for Windows), but because they see new, great features that Windows doesn't have. So here are a few reasons why Linux rocks!

Free Software for Engineers

A Nice Article about Engineering softwares in FOSS.
Download it from here

Basic Computer Concepts - Some Links

This is especially for My Friend MR

C (Its My Blog)

(Full of PDF's)


General Programming Concepts

Computer Networks

Try Google with the following keywords

computer networks filetype:ppt
computer networks filetype:pdf
Networks basic filetype:ppt

Networks basic filetype:pdf
Networks Concepts filetype:ppt

Networks Concepts filetype:pdf

For other things like GSM, CDMA, CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, DSL, ISDN refer wikipedia, it has full details with diagrams.

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Some MTP based Open Source Projects

libmtp - a fork from libptp2, adds the extensions of mtp. Very good start - still has plenty of issues but is a great start. It's enough to get your MTP device recognized and able to send/recieve a few tracks.

  • I've used it; it works. I'm running CVS as of 2006-03-18 and it detects my Creative Zen Micro, lists its tracks. I haven't tested getting/recieveing/deleting tracks with the programs supplied in the examples directory of the package, but I'd assume they work.

id34mtp, a command line tool that transfers files to MTP devices, reading metadata from the id3 tag.

  • uses libmtp
  • Tested on 2006-03-18: works great! Able to send tracks just fine. I haven't tested extensively, but worked right out of the box.
  • had some compilation issues. It requires two header files from libptp2 - libptp-endian.h and libptp-stdint.h. I first installed libptp2 only to find that it actually wants the files in the project's directory. But hey, it's a prerelease, I wouldn't expect anything else :)

MTPdude, a graphical, beta MTP transfer program, written in GTK, using libmtp

  • tested on 2006-03-18 - compile fails, I'm not sure why really. Probably was based on libmtp's first release version, and I'm now running CVS.
  • CVS for MTPdude doesn't seem to exist (at least not yet). Probably more coming soon! Screenshots look promising and might yield a mini version of gnomad2, but for MTP.

mtpsharp, which can be obtained from mtpsharp, mtpsharp SF project page, or here, writer's personal page. Not sure what the point of this application is.

  • says it's in c++ when it's in c# ( i think)
  • looks to be a wrapper for win32 only - doesn't use libmtp or anything even posix at all - it claims to be a wrapper for win32 to provide mtp device access to .net languages.
  • probably won't work for us posix folks...but might be a decent starting ground for a mtp-sharp mono binding
  • I personally plan to work on a mtp-sharp mono port to plug into libmtp and eventually provide MTP support for Banshee.

gnomad2, the NJB client that is (probably) most popular; working on libmtp to eventually work with gnomad2.

  • According to website, has been working on MTP support, but I see nothing even in CVS.
  • One of the developers from gnomad2, however, is the lead for libmtp, so I'm sure gnomad2 will see MTP support in the coming weeks or months :)

libgphoto2 (and gphoto2) which have reportedly connected to some MTP devices (as gphoto2 is based around PTP cameras, and MTP is an extension, naturally making MTP work wasn't too hard)

  • might yield a better solution than libmtp? Not so sure anymore, after seeing that libmtp is a fork from libptp2 which has been around for a while.
  • so wait a sec - there's libmtp, and libgphoto2 which both have the same mtp functions? wtf...
    • who knows, maybe i'll write a banshee wrapper around gphoto :) can't be that hard!

mp32mtp, a command line program using libmtp

Combination Effects -

scriptaculous is great site to learn various effects.
Please have a look at the following link.

Tutorial for Embedded MP3 Audio Player

Do you want to play a song from your website?
Check out the following tutorial.

Python - Quickstart

Do you have any trouble to learn python? Checkout the following link.

This site has the quick start articles about

* Python
* SPE, Python IDE
* wxPython
* PyGTK/Matplotlib
* Search engine
* CherryPy
* Snippets

Good Job Videos

In this site you can find a lot of small videos regarding placement tips - The #1 Entry Level Job Site

This is the great job site which gives so many features including videos.
Please have a look at

Know the SQL Queries of diiferrent DB Technologies

This is the good website which gives the difference of SQL queries between all available Database Technologies like


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Ajax in CherryPy - A simple Example

import cherrypy

_header = """

Define your Validate function in Ajax


class Start(object):
def index(self):
page.append("""your Code here to call the function...""")
return page

def ajax(self,w):
return str(w)

if __name__ == '__main__':
global_conf = {
'global': { 'engine.autoreload.on': True,
'server.socket_host': 'localhost',
'server.socket_port': 8080,
note_app = Start()
cherrypy.tree.mount(note_app, '/')



The Firebug extension for Firefox allows the debugging, editing, and modifying of any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript, and provides other web development tools. Download it from the following URL.

strace and ltrace

"strace" and "ltrace" are the coolest utilities which will give the the
trace of system calls and library calls (respectively) for any application.
can be very useful while debugging any user application.

To trace the Library calls

# ltrace Application_Name

To trace the System calls

# strace Application_Name

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Commands to List the Hardware Information in Linux