Wednesday, 20 June, 2007

Free Online Book Sites

A “speedlinking” list today. Not only are these free for the public, but also there’s no registration or other strings attached. The first rule of the autodidact is to do it for free when you can…

O’ Reilly Open Books. O’Reilly press has long had a policy of publishing out-of-print and open-copyright books online. O’Reilly is also the top name in IT books.

Free Computer Books. Very comprehensive. Nearly every programming language you want to pick up is here.

MIT Courseware. Not really books, but full video lectures here provided for free by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Requires RealPlayer, but many open source players can play .rm files as well.

Google Book Search. By selecting the option “full view books” before making your search query, you can keep it to books you can read for free online. Google provides you with an on-site browser for this purpose.

Hiveminds Books. Some books along with snippets and articles.

The Directory of Open Access Journals. Journal publications from universities all over the world, arranged by subject categories for easy access.

World eBook Library Consortia. Big one! All in .pdf for download.

Primitivist resources. OK, just in case you thought this site was too tech-focused! “Primitivism” is the pursuit of ways of life running counter to the development of technology, its alienating antecedents, and the ensemble of changes wrought by both. There, now, if technology ever gets to be too much for you, you know right where to run. Don’t find it too ironic that it’s all published online!

Fullbooks. A alphabetical index of free books on all topics.

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